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There are many challenges facing governments, relief institutions, private insurance companies and doctors when they want to assist patients or help in emergencies, especially in remote places and out-of-reach situations Like an airplane.

We, at Doctory, have the same concern as you regarding the obstacles you face every day, and would Like to help by providing you with the latest most advanced telemedicine technology you can get.


Why to use? Why to apply?

  • Doctory advanced the concept of telemedicine and gave it a new definition by using the latest remote communication technology.
  • Doctory encourages doctors in providing their medical services to remote areas and cities alike.
  • Doctory aids doctors in reaching their patients and staying in touch with them at all times.
  • By using doctory, doctors can now overcome space restrains. They can connect with their patients virtually at their own convenience.
  • Lately, insurance companies that contract with high labor intensity can provide medical services on the spot without the need for physical contact with doctors, which saves cost and time while preventing the risk of infection.
  • Doctory provides the chance for relief organizations to provide medical services to high risk areas. The Doctory booth can be placed at their chosen location and their chosen medical field officer may communicate virtually with doctors all over the world and connect them with their patients.
  • Doctory may also partner with health ministries to provide medical services to high risk and underdeveloped areas with minimum charges and high flexibility.

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