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F.A.Qs For Doctors

How can I register on Doctory platform?

To join the team of Doctory physicians and specialists, you need to contact our hotline and submit your CV as well as your medical diplomas. Within 48hrs of submission, we will verify your diplomas and send you the username and password of which you can access your account on our database.

My patients are unable to book a session with me for the next week?

Upon downloading Doctory app and being verified as a physician or specialist, you will need to fix your schedule depending on your availability. There may be weekends, certain hours or unassigned days when you may not be available on Doctory. Your available times will automatically be open for patients to schedule a time with you.

I am unable to use my personal mobile phone to conduct online Doctory meetings?

It might be difficult for doctors to use their personal mobile phones to conduct Doctory meetings with their patients as the meetings may be interrupted by calls and messages. Instead, they can login to Doctory’s web portal from a different device (laptop, tablet..) and access their account by logging in.

I am unable to access my patient’s medical file prior to our meeting?

Doctory goes by the highest standards of privacy laws and regulations including the HIPPA compliance. So the patient’s medical file will only be available for the doctor to look at while they are connected through a chat or video meeting. Otherwise the file will not be accessible except to the patients themselves.

I cannot view my pre-scheduled appointments?

The doctors are able to view all the appointment dates and times that are pre-scheduled by their patients. But patients have the right to cancel any appointment 30mins earlier. So if any appointment is canceled, it is automatically deleted from the Doctory database therefor it won’t be visible to the doctors anymore.

I am unsure if the medication I prescribed is available in the patient’s location?

If you have prescribed a medication that is not available in the patient’s country, Doctory app automatically gives you alternative medications or the same ingredient under different available brands to make it easier for both doctor and patient.

F.A.Qs For Patients

I am unable to conduct a video meeting on Doctory through my iPhone?

To be able to successfully conduct video meetings with Doctory physicians and specialists, please make sure your iphone is updated to the latest version of ios.

Will my medical file be lost is I restore factory settings on my phone?

Our server collects data with 99.999% uptime which means all patient information is stored securely on our app. By re-downloading the app and logging in, patients will conveniently be able to access their medical data again in no time.

How can I pay for my online consultation?

We accept three types of secure payment methods. One can either pay through mobile cash app, a bank transfer to Doctory corporate account, or through any acceptable online debit/credit card.

I am unable to connect to my meeting with the chosen doctor.

The patient will be allowed to connect to their meeting on Doctor app or website only 5mins prior to their set time.

Where do I view my medical prescriptions?

In your medical files you will find all your prior prescriptions. You may be able to download your desired prescription on your personal google drive or have it sent to your whatsapp account as a pdf file.

In which currency do I pay a foreign physician/specialist on Doctory?

When scheduling an appointment with a foreign doctor, Doctory app makes sure that the set meeting time is within working hours on both patient and doctor time zones. We also secure the payment to be in the patient’s local currency for their own comfort and convenience.

Am I able to schedule a face to face appointment with my doctor?

You may be able to schedule an offline appointment with your doctor in their clinic only if they are listed on Doctory app.

Will I be charged for the medical questions I post on Doctory?

To celebrate our launch, Doctory medical team will be answering all your questions free of charge for the first 3 month period. Meanwhile, we will be building a points system where every online meeting will be added to your points gallery and the medical charge fees will be calculated differently based on each patient’s points.

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